A new Team Rector for The West Hereford Team Ministry

On Monday 19th July, The Reverend Ruth Hulse was installed and inducted as Team Rector for the West Hereford Team Ministry.

The service took place at All Saints Church, Hereford on a very hot summer’s evening. There were the usual traditions and legal processes like the Lord Chancellor’s representative instructing the Bishop what he must do, Ruth ringing the bell and holding the key of the door to claim possession of the benefice churches, and receiving symbols of ministry. Alongside this there were moments of informality such as when our link church, All Saints Nuremberg presented Ruth with a huge box of construction blocks, including small bridges, to symbolise the building of ministry, the building of bridges as part of that ministry, and the bridges built between All Saints, Hereford and All Saints, Nuremberg. The prayers of intercession were also written by our friends in Nuremberg, and read by a member of All Saints, Hereford.

The combined choirs of the West Hereford Team led us beautifully in worship with choral pieces such as Peter Nardone’s ‘I give to you a new commandment’, and John Rutter’s ‘Gaelic Blessing’, and the hymns we were able to sing together as a congregation for the first time in almost 18 months.

Children and families work is a cherished and vital part of our ministry, and so it was wonderful that some of the children of our Team were able to present Ruth with the symbols of ministry: a Bible, a jug of water, and bread and wine.

Please do pray for Ruth as she takes on the role of Team Rector, for the congregations of the West Hereford Team churches, and for our local communities as we seek to build bridges and share the love of God with our words and our actions.