All Saints visit their link church in Nuremberg

Over the years, All Saints, Hereford has been blessed by a link with All Saints, Nuremberg, an Old Catholic Church.

Before the pandemic there were regular visits between the two churches – alternating between countries. Of course, these had to cease during the pandemic. We have been finding other ways to keep the link alive – there have been numerous zoom calls and many presents and letters have been exchanged. Last year, a small group came to Hereford from Nuremberg.

This year the link was fully renewed as a large group from All Saints, Hereford, went out to Nuremberg. This included some old stelwarts of the link, as well as some newer faces.

It was good to be back again! As always, the group was met with warmth, generous hospitality and beautiful sights.

They explored many interesting places and met many lovely people. Their visits included the city of Nuremberg itself (All Saints, Nuremberg is just outside the city) and to Erlangen.

The food was plentiful, with wonderful meals provided by the hosts.

As well as sharing in the very cheerful communion of good food, the congregations shared in a spiritual communion as well. They came together to celebrate a service, and communion, in both German and English. Truely, we are One in Christ!