It is vital that our churches are safe for all – as part of that commitment we take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. On this page you will find out what to do if you feel there is something amis and who to contact. Never be afraid to contact anyone on this page with a concern or a complaint.

If you believe that someone – a child, young person or adult – is in immediate danger you MUST call the Police on 999. You do not have to have their permission to do this.

Each of our churches has a safeguarding officer. In the normal course of events this would be the first place to raise a concern. The safeguarding officers for each church are:

  • All Saints – Mr Malcolm Robertson
  • Holy Trinity – Miss Jane Jones
  • St. Nicholas – Mrs Andy Lewis
  • St. Michael – Mrs Jenny Sherfield

If you feel you are unable to raise a concern with one of the safeguarding officers you can contact any of the clergy or readers in the team via the Contact Us page, directly in person, or via their contact details in Team Talk.

If you feel that the safeguarding officer in the parish, the clergy or the readers are not appropriate contacts for whatever reason, then the diocese safeguarding adviser is Mandy McPhee and you can find her contact details and her guidance on what to do if you have a concern on the diocese website.

Ultimately if you feel your concern cannot be heard by any of these people you can contact the police directly – contact details for Hereford Police Station can be found here.