What is Baptism?

Baptism – sometimes called Christening – is the very start of your journey with God. A commitment and a desire to respond to the Word of God and to follow in the example of His son – Jesus.

It is a celebration – a moment to come together and remember that we are all loved by God – part of a worldwide community centred around God’s generous and inexhaustible love.

Most of the baptisms in the West Hereford Team are for children. Your child is a precious gift and we, just like you, want the very best for them. Their baptism will be the beginning of a life-long story of faith. We will be here to pray for you and your child, we will show them how to practically make good choices in life and help them learn more about their faith.

Want to know more?

The Church of England has a dedicated website set up to help answer questions about Baptism and Christenings. It’s full of useful resources and helps answer a wide range of questions.

Want to book a Baptism?

If you’re interested in being baptised, or having your child baptised at one of our churches here in Hereford please contact our parish office on 01432 273086 or email – alternatively fill out the form below and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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